Tanya is a person. A personality. An actress and a yoga teacher. Guru. Open minded and creative. That's her - the woman I gladly call my wife and model - Tatyana Binde. 
She has always inspired me in my work. She has always inspired me to think, giving wings to my creative spirit and setting fire to my fantasy. She encourages me.
When Tanya got to know my style, she became my material; she's an actress after all. It was so easy working with her, there were never contradictions between our ideas. All we had to do was overcome the technical hardships, which was never an easy job.
She didn't have prejudice, she was never inhibited by the uncomfortable and unethical aspects. She completely trusted my vision for forms.  There is a lot of intimacy and personal feelings in our works. 
Together we created multiple photo series: "The Flight", "Nine months", "Like mother, like daughter", "The Cage" and a lot of erotic stories and portraits.
And everything goes on. 
Gunars Binde